The printer was working, but now it is not.

  • Make sure that the power is on,
    and if it is off, check the connection with the Ethernet cable and then turn on the power.
  • Make sure the amount of paper is enough.
    When the amount of paper is not enough, the printer might not be able to work correctly. Open the cover and if the amount of paper is not enough, refill the paper.
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in to the printer device correctly.
    Also when you remove the cable and plug it in again, you will need to restart the printer.
  • Try the printer setting again.
    When you are using STAR MICRONICS FVP10 series, the DHCP of the printer and the wireless router will automatically place the IP address. And this IP address could be changed sometimes, in this case, try to restart the printer. If the problem is not solved, try to restart Serialna.
  • Restart Serialna.
    Try to restart Serialna.

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