Printer does not print out the tickets.

  • After you turn on the printer, you plug in the Ethernet cable into the printer.
    The printer is needed to turn on after the Ethernet cable is plugged in. Turn off the printer first, and then turn on the printer after a while. When the green light is lighted, the connection between the printer and the Ethernet is successfully completed.
  • There is no paper in the printer or the paper is not enough.
    Open the front cover of the printer, and set the papers or exchange the papers.
  • With the wireless router, the network isolation is activated.
    Depending on the settings of the wireless router, for security reasons, network isolation could interfere with the connection between a wireless device (iPad) and a wired LAN device (printer). In that case, you can refer to the manual of the wireless router and disable the network isolation on the setting page.
    Or you can also connect with the SSID in which network isolation is disabled. When the wireless router has several SSIDs, only one of them could have the enabled network isolation.
  • Network setting of the printer is not completed.
    In the default setting, when you connect the printer to the router, the DHCP of the both devices will automatically complete the network settings. When the DHCP of the router is disabled, the printer will need a network setting. In that case, you can refer to the manuals of the router and the printer to complete the setting.

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