Configure your iPad for exclusive use with Serialna! Set up the “Guided Access” !

In this piece, we would like to introduce the “Guided Access” function within the iOS that we would like to have users of Serialna set up before using the app.

Have you ever experienced a case in which a customer accidentally pushes the home button on the iPad you’ve set up for request-only use, or accidentally changes apps, causing the request status of Serialna to turn off?

By using the Guided Access function, you can not only have Serialna be the only app usable on your iPad, but can also turn off use of hardware buttons, avoiding any such trouble before it happens.

You can refer to the official Apple website for details on how to use the Guided Access function, but we will give you an overview of how to use it with Serialna here.

The first thing you need to do is access Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guided Access, in that order, to open up the Guided Access settings menu.
Switch “Guided Access” to On, and set a passcode using the “Set Passcode” setting. By setting a passcode, those who do not know the passcode will be unable to unlock the Guided Access function, so please do set one up.


With this, set up is finished.

Next, start up the Serialna app, tap the “Display Requests” tile as always, and triple press the home button while in the request display mode.
If done correctly, this will bring up a message saying “Guided Access Started”, meaning that the guided access has begun functioning. This will ensure that the iPad can only be used with the Serialna app. Please use the iPad for request use in this mode.


This way, even if a customer accidentally presses the home button, the Guided Access message will simply be displayed and Serialna will remain on.


Next, we will show you how to end Guided Access use once business hours are over.
Please triple press the home button to bring up the “Enter Passcode” screen and enter in your passcode.


If the correct passcode is entered, you will see a screen like the following displayed, so tap “End” to end use of the Guided Access function.


You will see the message “Guided Access Ended” displayed, meaning that the Guided Access has stopped functioning.


With this, hardware buttons have now become functional again, allowing you to switch between apps and use the iPad as normal.

This ends the explanation of how to use the Guided Access function with Serialna.
Users who cannot always check the status of their request-use iPad, such as when it is placed in a separate location, can lighten their work load by setting up this feature.
We ask that everyone who uses Serialna with a request-use iPad utilize the “Guided Access” function.

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