Ver2.0.2 Changes about the Call by E-Mail service

We have added a switch to the main menu, so that you can turn on/off the Call by E-Mail Service.
This switch is only available if you have purchased the Call by E-Mail add-on.


In order to use the Call by E-Mail Service, don’t forget to turn this switch "on".
Unlike previous versions, opening the requests screen will not turn the Call by E-Mail Service on automatically.


When you return from the requests screen to the main menu

The Call by E-Mail Service remains "on".
If you try to turn the switch "off" when there are still customers who have yet to be called, the below message will appear:
"There remain numbers for those awaiting their call-out. If the email calling service is terminated, you will be unable to call the holders of these numbers through email. Do you still wish to terminate"

If you close the app with the home button

The Call by E-Mail Service will turn "off".
When starting up the requests screen, don’t forget to the turn the Call by E-Mail Service switch "on".

We hope you enjoy continuing your use of the Call by E-Mail Service.

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