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Smarter reception services

The ticket vending iPad app that you can use for free Serialna

Features and
Usage Instructions

Features and Usage Instructions

Features of Serialna

Easy to install, and reduces the labor of reception services

Benefits of use

Benefits for the shop and the customer


Reduce waiting time frustration
Instantly assess how crowded the shop is, and call customers without using staff.
Better use of waiting time
By displaying waiting time and using mail notifications, customers can go out or use waiting time effectively.
Privacy protections
Tickets are managed by number, so there is no need to use personal names.


Reduce the reception workload
Allowing customers to obtain their own tickets, reducing labor for handling reception.
Instantly assess the waiting situation
Check up on the status of number of customers and waiting time, allowing better service.
Prevent lost opportunties from crowding
By reducing crowding, fewer customers will leave and cause lost opportunities.


Start immediately with these easy steps


Install the App (free)

Use your iPad to search for “Serialna” in the App Store. Select either the reception or calling app to install.


Printer Setup

Connect a printer to a LAN, and select a printer with the reception iPad. Make the initial settings.

Supported Printers


Launch the app and start serving customers

Connect the reception iPad and the calling iPad to each other and it’s ready to go. Reception service can be started.

Supported Printers

Refer to the “Usage Manual” and “Frequently Asked Questions” for details on settings and usage

Apply attractive decorative designs
on the reception screen.

Designs installed with the app can be used at no charge. Choose from a wide selection of characters and illustration.

Click on the illustration to change the screen design!

愛媛県イメージアップキャラクター「みきゃん」許諾番号:1-2702006/久留米市イメージキャラクター「くるっぱ」/徳島県のマスコット「すだちくん」/宇土市のげんき隊長「うとん行長しゃん」宇土市許可第203号 ©宇土市/小城市キャラクター 「こい姫」/宮崎県シンボルキャラクター「みやざき犬」(みやざき犬使用許可第280160号)/サポートキャラクター「花野古町&笹団五郎」©新潟市/萌えキャラ「桜井美奈」こと「ミィーナ」

Useful features available for free

Various features can be set based on your usage environment

  • Select a voice for notifications

    Select a voice for notifications

    By combining voiced phrases, you can select the phrase to call out characters from the iPad.

  • Choose the purpose of visiting

    Choose the purpose of visiting

    As a reception option, you can have a setting where customers can indicate the purpose of their visit.

  • Waiting customers and smoking / no-smoking preferences

    Waiting customers and smoking / no-smoking preferences

    For restaurants, you can set the number of adults and children, and smoking / no-smoking preferences.

  • Notification Screen Display

    Notification Screen Display

    The reception screen can display images such as shop logos, business hours, and promotions.

  • Add messages to the waiting ticket

    Add messages to the waiting ticket

    Add messages like business hours and special notices to the waiting ticket, as an advertising tool.

Optional Paid Features

Improve customer satisfaction with outstanding features for every situation

Free up customer waiting time

Mail notifications

Compatible with smartphones and featurephones

With the mail-notification add-on (extra charge), you can notify customers’ mobile phones by e-mail.
Let customers know how long the line is, so they can use their time effectively.
Customers do not need to provide private information.


* The “Mail Notification Add-On” can be purchased within the app.
* This feature can be used on a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan comes with 3 months of free use.

A full-features large-screen reception system.

Large-screen monitor ouput

The waiting situation can be displayed on a large-screen HD monitor that is visible from a distance, making it ideal for situations with a large number of customers.

* The “large-Screen Add-On” can be purchased within the app.
* This featurre requires a large-screen HD-compatible monitor.


For details on the free features and options, see the “Function List”.

A business-oriented solution
for various usage scenarios

The business-oriented solution “Enterprise Serialna” provides full services
for various scenarios such as events, conferences, banks, hospitals, and restaurant chains.

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Please refer to the Usage Manual for setup instructions.

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