Reception ticket issuing via iPad

Ticket issuing to calling customers, all on iPads


Can be used immediately with iPads and printer

You only need two iPads, a printer, and a wireless router to use this system.

  • One ticket issuing iPad for displaying a ticket issuing button and the ticket numbers.
  • More than one calling iPads for managing the ticket number list.
  • One printer.
  • One wireless router
(Please install Serialna to all using iPads.)
* iPads will be connected by Wifi and the printer will be connected by Ethernet LAN.

Supported Printers * Prepare roll paper of 80 mm width.

The changeable design function makes for a fun front window

With the free changeable design function, it is possible to change the reception desk to various designs. We have prepared yuru-chara and moe-chara from various municipalities.

A full-fledged reception system with a large screen as an add-on

With the add-on large screen (paid), it is possible to use the iPad as a full-fledged reception system.
(To use it as such, a separate, fully HD-compatible TV is required.)

The email calling service as an add-on

With the email calling service paid add-on, you can send email notifications to your customers’ mobile phones. Customers can be notified of their wait status, allowing them to use their time more efficiently. All the customer has to do is send a blank email using the QR code on their reception ticket—they don’t have to bother with submitting personal information. Both smartphones and feature phones are supported. The add-on functionality can be purchased in monthly or yearly units. Ordering a one-year unit will give you an extra three-month period where you can try the functionality for free. We hope you will give it a try!


Download it now for free on the AppStore

Download it now for free on the AppStore download_on_the_app_store The application is free