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2023.5.11[THU] Serialna Ver3.1.1

All you need is 2 iPads and a ticket printer.

The app is free and simple to set up, so it is easy to deploy.

Benefits for both the customer and the shop.

Less stress when waiting, and when calling.

Full of convenient features.

Free features and optional features to match your reception needs.

A business-oriented solution
for various usage situations.

The business-oriented solution “Enterprise Serialna” provides full services for various scenarios such as events,
conferences, banks, hospitals, and restaurant chains.

Choose a plan and start right away.

Various plans to fit your needs.

Usage Case.

Currently in use in various industries.


Ticket dispensers installed in a new college campus
Benefits both students and staff.

Kyorin University

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Kyorin University


With smooth cooperation between pharmacists and clerks, services can allow waiting time to be used more effectively.

Yuhido Co., Ltd.

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Yuhido Co., Ltd.


Customize Serialna to your own specifications. Improve cusotmer support with centralized management.

SOU Inc.

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SOU Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Serialna
(How to use / Functions / Merit Ver2.4)Japanese


Demonstration of Selialna
(Ver1.2) English



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