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Released Ver2.1.0 Added new functions!

Continuing with updates into 2016, we are happy to announce the release of Ver2.1.0, which adds additional features, introduced below.
This version adds the widely-requested ability to print a custom message on reception tickets as well as the ability to send a notification of ticket issuance on the calling screen.
Also, we have added “SINJO-KUN@Susaki City, Kochi Pref” to the skins, letting you enjoy Susaki’s famous Nabeyaki Ramen with SINJO-kun.
Please don’t hesitate to update to the latest version of Serialna and try these new features today!

1.Custom messages for reception tickets

In the past, when a customer is issued a reception ticket on the reception screen, only essential information, such as the ReceiptNumber and the QR code for the email notification service, was displayed on the ticket that was issued.
Now, it is possible to add a custom message as well that the customer will see.
The message can be changed at any time from the menu, making it possible to include either a fixed message or a message that makes use of the current day and time information.
The message is extremely simple to set, as introduced here.

  • First, access the menu screen and select “Settings.”
  • Next, on the settings screen that is displayed, select your printer.
  • Next, select “Print message on reception ticket” and enter your custom message.
  • A test print looks like the following:
  • The custom message is printed on the reception ticket!
    (If you are using the email calling service, the QR code will be printed below this message.)
    Please give this feature a try as an additional way to communicate with your customers!

2.Ticket issuance notifications

In the past, we received a lot of feedback that when a ticket was issued, the result would only be that a single line of customer information was added to the calling screen, making it difficult to notice when a new ticket was issued unless you were always watching the screen.
With that in mind, we have added the ability to display a message on the calling screen when a new ticket is issued.
This feature is also very simple to use.

  • First, from the action button in the lower-left corner of the calling screen, choose “Request Settings.” En03
  • The new settings are located at the very bottom. En04
  • Under “Notify this device of issuing of ticket,” turning on “Notify via popup” will cause a message like the following to be displayed when a new reception ticket is issued.
  • Selecting “notify via notification sound” will cause a sound to be played along with the message.

  • This feature makes it easier for staff to notice when a new reception ticket is issued, letting them interact with newly-arrived customers right away. We do hope you will give it a try!

    3.Added a new theme

    Finally, we are happy to introduce the “SINJO-KUN@Susaki City, Kochi Pref” skin.
    We hope it will join the existing skins in making your reception screen more fun to use!